Rug Cleaners Near Cambridge MA

As an international student from Taiwan, I experienced the value of the decor through my parents. My father grew up in a very traditional Japanese family, in his childhood, every time after he returned from the school, the first thing he did before entered the house is to take off his shoes and lied it on a carpet outside the house. This is exactly why he decided to become a rug cleaner Cambridge ma. His parents were restricted on the cleaning, particularly to boys, they hated seeing their children run inside the house with their sneakers on. The carpet was not just a decoration, it also helped him understand the importance of keeping the house clean. The other impact about decor that I received is from mother. She educated me her art taste with house decorating. My mother was raised in a slum, everything in the house she lived as a child was messy, so as she moved out of the poor neighborhood, she loves keeping everything organized and simple, she always hang the pictures of my artworks on the wall so that she can talk about her son with people who visit our place. As time passes, I learn that there is a reason that she chooses to use my painting as decoration, because she is proud of having me to be her son, yet the painting reminds her how talented and lovable I am. In both of my parents’ case, I think whether it is house decor or just normal decoration, decor gets people think and teach convention. The artists are often inspired by the decor around themselves, yet I believe decor is something that everybody need for the daily life. I believe decor matters to everyone, any kind of decor, either it is big or small, obvious or less appeal, it somehow influences our life. In my life, decoration plays as a reminder of love. I learned my parents’ love to their children through the way they decorate their place, and it is truly meaningful to me.