October 19, 2017

Decorating Tips for a University

My favorite place on campus is on the third floor of my student center, way back in the quiet hallway; where nobody really ventures unless they are hopelessly lost or a member of my club on the way to our executive board’s office. This club is the programming board for the University, charged with coordinating and planning all the on-campus events, called Miami Activities + Programming (MAP) and it has defined my time so far at college. I stumbled onto the club, filling out an application at whim, but I quickly became committed and I have devoted so much of my time into this club. It has been such a defining experience that I have come to realize event planning is what I want to do with my life. Within this office, the walls are completely covered with posters of every event the club has been responsible for coordinating since its creation. I get distracted every day just looking at the posters, remembering everything it took to plan them, reliving the sense of accomplishment for every successful event, recognizing how much I learned from failed events, and laughing at all the memories I gained from friends on the programming board with me.

These posters are the decorations of this office and they are simply graphics on 11×17 pieces of paper. They are cheap, could be ripped, and are hung up with Scotch tape, but to me they mean the world. Decorations can give a room so much character. There is no need for the fanciest couches and prettiest paintings but decorations are so valuable. Every time I walk into the office a different poster catches my eye, bringing back different memories. A room could be full of decorations that all hold different meanings to different individuals. Decorations are inanimate objects that hold the power to invoke incredible feelings and sentiments and this power can only be said for few other objects in daily life.