Pet Prints Artwork For the love of pets

animal print artwork
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Pet Prints Artwork For the love of pets

We love it when distributions show up right here at LBB, mainly when they are from Timperley Hill, a musical duo that creates pet prints featuring pleasant, funny, rude and usually horrendous quotes.

Based in London as well as Leicester, Timperley Hillside is composed of Abi, who magnificently highlights animals of every creed from frogs to French bulldogs, as well as Roz, who paints colourful shirts on them and also finishes each one with an expression composed in calligraphy.
We spend a happy few hours creating

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Quotes to opt for each animal or take ideas from Aby and Roz’s previous pictures. There is a quote and animal for every residence and personality, from hedgehogs saying ‘You Prick’ to Rhinos stating ‘You don’t need to be best to be outstanding’, they are showing to be incredibly popular with passersby who see them in our window and come in to see the rest, discovering it impossible to select between them.

Now readily available to purchase online, we obtain various selections with each distribution, so it deserves checking in to see what’s new. Today’s installation included this irritated little Pug saying ‘I believed I remained in a bad mood however it’s been a couple of years I think this is who I am now’.